Dr. Rakesh Komuravelli
MS (Ortho), FIJR
Sr. Consultant Robotic Joint Replacement Arthroscopy & Trauma Surgeon, Specialized in PRP & Stemcell Therapy

Dr.Rakesh Komuravelli is a renowned Senior Orthopedic Surgeon in Telangana and currently practices at Srikara Hospital, RTC Cross Roads, Hyderabad. He has undergone training in Robotic Joint Replacements and now one of the best Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon in the country. Does Replacement of all the joints. Specialized in REVISION KNEE REPLACEMENTS and his indepth knowledge in revisions is unmatchable.

Other areas of expertise
*  Sports injuries
* Arthroscopic procedures of Knee, Shoulder & ankle
* Fractures & Complex Trauma.
* Wound care
* Deformity Corrections.

Out Station Visits

Dr Rakesh Komuravelli MS ( Ortho ), FIJR, Consultant Robotic Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, Trauma Surgeon Consulting Timings